The Perfect Makeup Removal Technique for Tiny Eyes & Errors?


Trying to get a child to stay still during the stage makeup process is almost impossible, especially one who is as hyperactive and restless as my little dancer. She's like a bobble-head; if I'm not holding her steady, she ends up with lipstick in her ear. The absolute worst is when her face is on perfectly, then I go to apply that final coat of mascara or lipstick, and she decides it's about time for some sudden movements.

There isn't always time to re-apply a full lip or re-do a whole eyelid right before a number or during a quick-change. I was so frustrated during our final competition last season, that I was about ready to throw in the towel and let the DD go on stage with black eyeliner all over her upper eyelid. Of course she thought it would be a good idea to have a ferocious blinking contest with a friend after just getting a fresh coat of MAC liquid liner! Luckily, right before I had a nervous breakdown backstage, a seasoned dance mom felt sorry for me and fixed up my girl. She then taught me how to make two of the staples in my dance bag work together to fight those irritating makeup mishaps.

I give you the Q-Tip and the Makeup Wipe Combo:

Sure, they're pretty handy on their own but, when they work together, these two little items make magic. You just wrap the wipe tightly around one end of the Q-Tip and use that on any makeup oops you need to get rid of quickly.

 Using a Q-Tip dipped in a liquid makeup remover may seem fine; however, when you're kid is on stage with the lights hitting that visible streak down her face from the extra liquid that you forgot to squeeze off the tip, you'll be kicking yourself. Makeup Wipes on their own don't work well, because they don't provide the precision that the Q-Tip does. I end up removing half of the DD's eye makeup with one swipe. What works for my own makeup flubs doesn't necessarily translate when I'm working with a face that's half the size.

I learned this trick just in time for our studio's year-end showcase. I saved myself a lot of grief, and my girl a lot of lectures on the virtue of sitting still. No problem is too small to fix now. I will definitely be including these two products in my kit, as they are a must-have for any dancer/dance parent at a competition!

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