Heelloooooo Poppets aka Ettang's Mrs. Doubtfire Mask Review

I've been pretty impatient waiting for my Competition Box supplies to come in. In order to stop myself from getting upset over the fact that the face charts I ordered on Ebay were on regular computer paper and I could have printed them myself at home, or that my safety pins still have not arrived from Germany, I end up trying every 'miracle' product I've been hoarding in my bathroom cupboards. Whoa, run on sentence.

Anywho, I've been fiddling with these Ettang Modeling Take-Out Cup Masks, which I purchased in Memebox's Memeshop, for two weeks now. I could not get the consistency right for the life of me. It doesn't help that the instructions are barely in English. But today was the day ... I did it.  My Calendula and Oatmeal masks were casualties of my first experiments, so this time I fiddled with my least favourite mask of the bunch, Peppermint. Figures this would be the one I get right. I mixed it at about a 1:1 ratio of powder to water. I tried it at a 1:2 and 1:3 and both were just too watery. The masks ran down my face, neck, and chest, and didn't firm up like they were supposed to.

I got most of the information on these products from Amazon. I do wish Memebox provided at least a translation of the selection being included in the Ettang Take-Out Pack, and the purpose of each mask, but at least the information is out there somewhere on the interwebs. According to Amazon, the Peppermint Modeling cup is for skin soothing, skin refreshment, and skin conditioning. Nothing too earth shattering.

So, did it do it's job? I think so. I mean, when I took it off my face was baby soft, even though my skin itself felt a bit tighter. The photo above is a close up of what the mask looked like when I peeled it off my face. Besides air bubbles I don't know what the heck is on there. Could it really have pulled all that junk out of my pores? If so, the mask was probably worth all the attempts and the 20 minutes I had to sit around doing nothing while it dried.
Would I buy this product again? Maybe. They are pretty messy. I had powder and little bits of rubber everywhere by the time I was done. I might save the rest of the cups for special occasions only.

The funny thing is, regardless of the texture I achieve, I always feel like Mrs. Doubtfire. You know the scene where the case worker stops by and Robin Williams gets his disguise run over, so he he has to improvise and ends up shoving his face into a lemon meringue pie and calling it a  beauty 'mask'? That is what you look like in these masks. They even melt off your face 'like a snowcone', again, even after perfect mixing. In case you have no idea what I'm talking about, I refer you to the video clip below:

(I'm sharing this clip from Yeah Okay's Youtube account. They had a Blogger share button so I hope it's ok to do so.)

Note: I've included my Memebox affiliate link in this post for anyone interested in checking it out. You can use the code XP1OWK to get $5 off any order of $30 or more.

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