October Empties

For some reason, I don't really start a skincare regime until the fall. It might be because during the summer my skin provides it's own moisture and a washcloth with water is all it takes to feel like my face is clean. But as soon as the weather gets colder, I start reaching for my holy grail skincare products. By the end of the month, I amass quite the collection of empty containers. 

Here's what I've gone through this month:

Biophora Bioactive Solution: I was told by an esthetician, politely of course, that I basically had elephant skin. It is thick and tough and needs regular exfoliation. She recommended this product to me and I've been using it religiously as a toner ever since. I go through a giant bottle every year, and I guess for $50, it's not a bad deal. The main issue is that I can only find it at select spas, but never at beauty supply stores, so it's a mission every time I need to replace it.

 Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil: My first experience with argan oil was with what seemed to be the holy grail of all argan oil products - Josie Maran. I received a mini sample in a 2013 Topbox and have been hooked ever since. I've tried other, cheaper versions, but nothing works as well. My go-to moisturizer in the winter, I use it on everything - face, hair, hands, etc. Anything that lacks moisture gets a dime-sized amount of this. I wish I could say that my skincare routine was all-natural, but this 8-free product makes up for it, right? Unfortunately, it's super expensive, so I buy a mini bottle every few weeks at Sephora, which doesn't hurt my wallet as badly.

skynICELAND Glacial Cleansing Cloths: I received a sample 10-pack of these in my October Ipsy Glam Bag. I've already used them up, and have another 2 full sized packages on order from Amazon. These are the first cleansing cloths that have not irritated my skin in any way. Most of them either dry out my face (YESto) or leave a weird film, causing me to breakout (Neutrogena). I use them at night when I'm too tired to wash my face properly and I can't tell the difference from my usual cleanser in the morning. I do not use them as an eye makeup remover though, since I'm weary of using anything that lathers around my sensitive eyes.

Benefit's the POREfessional: I hate wearing makeup. I'm not quick at applying it on myself and it takes me about an hour before I'm happy with my face. I love anything that I can just slap on in less than 5 minutes. That is why I love the POREfessional. Most people use it as a primer, but it doubles as a light foundation, almost a BB cream, for me. Sometimes I get crazy and mix it with my moisturizer so the coverage is even lighter. I just want something that evens out my skin tone, but doesn't feel heavy on my face like most makeup does. I used to use Benefit's some kind-a gorgeous, but have given it up for this. My tube is empty, but I've got a few mini samples from Topbox and Ipsy to tide me over. I don't need to splurge on a full size at Sephora for at least another week.

I tossed these before I took photos:

Bliss Hot Salt Scrub: I won a tub of this a few years ago at a bridal shower and have been using it faithfully ever since. This scrub has allowed me to perfect the 5 minute shower. It's most effective when you apply it to dry skin, so the only water I waste is when I'm rinsing it off and washing my hair. Aside from the plus of water conservation, it leaves my skin feeling super smooth and I don't feel guilty if I'm in a rush and skip the after-shower body moisturizing step. My Aveeno will be there tomorrow. Another super plus for this scrub is that I can always find it discounted at Winners (Canadian T.J.Maxx), so I've never actually had to dish out the $38.00 for it. I just stock up whenever I find it.

R.I.P Clarisonic PLUS: My Clarisonic PLUS died this month, after almost 3 years of trusty service. I was obsessed with it. I took it everywhere, even though it was bulky, and faithfully changed the brush heads every 3 months. As I mentioned before, washcloths suffice for my face in the summer, but this little miracle machine, along with the Clarisonic Refreshing Gel Cleanser, kept my face clean and clear throughout the other seasons. Even though my skin gets dry in the winter, it's always when I need to exfoliate it the most. I'm torn on repurchasing though. They're quite an investment ($265 CAD), and even though customer service was super helpful because my PLUS was out of warranty, and offered me a 25% coupon through email, I still have yet to receive said coupon after contacting them again.


  1. I know you've already got face wipes on order, but in a pinch try Simple brand. It is very gentle, moisturizing, and leaves no film. I love them! Great British drugstore brand now available in Canada. They're a great product that won't cost your first born.

    1. Are they the ones in the green packages? I believe I was sent a sample of them a while ago, but never got around to using it. I might have to now. Thanks for the suggestion!


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