Slowly Building the 'Brand'

 Once I decided to really give my Competition Box idea a try, the first thing I did, besides set up this blog, was look for little ways to get the word out. Aside from spamming everyone on my social media accounts, I needed something I could physically give to people I encountered at studios and conventions. When I came across a deal on Groupon for personalized stamps from 2712 Designs, I figured it was a great place to start. I ordered a few different styles and sizes so I could stamp anything I had on hand. I know eventually I will also end up using them on whatever 'packaging' I offer the bag contents in.

My first stamp came yesterday, and I'm obsessed. It's the largest stamp I ordered, and the one containing all the basics - name, email, and blog address. Once I get my domain up and running, I am definitely ordering another one. It's the perfect size and style to create my own minimalist business cards. Right now, though, this one is perfect to label the samples I give out, and to leave my mark on any other random surface I feel will be seen by the people I want to reach. It's self inking and compact enough to carry around in my purse, so along with the kraft tags and scrapbook cut-outs I bought, I'll always be ready to stamp up a storm and promote myself when I need to.

I could have probably gotten a stamp made for the same price at Staples or OfficeMax, but the styles at 2712 are too adorable. Plus, each stamp is made by hand and the crafts-person leaves their own little signature on your invoice. It just has a nice, personal touch you wouldn't get from one of those big box office supply chains.

I can't wait to receive my mini wood stamps!

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